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Kapiland-Schaufenster-Angebote vergleichen
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Das Support-Ticket-System wurde abgeschaltet.
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  • Requests in English language?
    If your message is written in simple English, it should not be a problem for me to understand your request. Unfortunately my written English is worse. Therefore an answer colud be delayed because I need to contact my interpreter for translating my reply. Otherwise it is reduced to "it's fixed...".
  • I receive lots of requests and I try to answer all of them. But in most cases, my answer will be quite short. Please do not regard that as impoliteness, it is just a time problem.
  • I often receive mails where people ask me for formulas, lists and so on. These mails are going to be ignored completely. Most of the formulas would not be useful for you anyway, without an in-depth documentation and knowledge of the Kapitools database structure.
  • If you would like to report an error, than please name the tool in which the error occurred. Additionally it would be helpful if you tell me in which world you are playing (de1, de2, en1, ...)
  • If your error report is concerning wrong building costs, first have a look at this list of current building costs before you send your report, please.
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